Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend in Marrakech


I have finally been able to receive some consistent internet signal so I have been able to postsome pictures from this weekend when I went to Marrakech. Marrakech was fantastic! Plentyof tourists which was both comforting and a hassle since everyone around you in the medinatries to sell you anything, and I mean anything. There is one picture of me with a snake charmer, in which he tried to sell me, you guessed it, the snake. At the time I was trying to take a pictureof one of them with a cobra when a man with a water snake ran up to me and threw it over myneck.
We spent most of our time in the medina, but went out Saturday afternoon to Les JardinsMajorelles. It was a very nice and peaceful period compared to the intense bazaar of the market. I actually would love to return to Marrakech since we weren't able to see too many of the sightsoutside of the medina. The train from Rabat is only around 4 hours and just around 14-20 dollars US.
The only downside to Marrakech is that you had to bargain for pretty much everything. Notjust products in the market, but taxi rides especially. We had one moment in particular where a man was trying to help us get a good price for a ride but since there were 5 of us, we had to takea larger taxi. A larger taxi pulled up and wanted to charge us more than the helpful man wantedus to have to pay. They soon began yelling at one another in Arabic and when the driver tried topull off our "friend" slammed his hands on top of the taxi while running beside it. We soonvacated the vehicle while the men began sharing some words outside while we escaped toanother driver and a better price. Everyone is out to make a buck, and to try and get to a decentprice proved to be exhausting at times. But of course that is all part of the experience.

Marrakech does indeed have a lot to offer but it was pleasant to be back in our house in Rabat onSunday. Back in a place where the taxis have meters with flat rates and the people want to helpforeigners rather than exploit them.

Everything is going great with my work placement as well, spending the morning teaching andthe afternoons interacting with volunteers and some of my students.
I also have picked up a Moroccan cell phone and feel as though I am adjusting quite nicely to mylife here in Rabat.

I hope to speak to you soon. Enjoy the photos!

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