Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Week In Rabat

Hello Everyone.
After my eventful trip to Spain last weekend, I decided to stick around after teaching this week and enjoy a peaceful weekend here while most of the other volunteers headed to Fes. Although on Friday I did head to Casablanca for a day trip with my student and friend ElHassan. I had not been to Casa yet and I felt it was necessary to go due to all the history or hype from the popular film. I only wanted to make it a day trip since most people here in Rabat have said that Casa is busier and bigger and for that matter smoggier and less likable. Casa is also only a 45 minute train ride away so it was very feasible to see a good bit of the city in an afternoon. ElHassan and I went around the central parts of the city and then made it to the Hassan II Mosque which is the largest mosque in the country and the fifth largest in the world. Needless to say it is massive and pretty powerful to stand underneath. Looking up the minaret is like looking up to a skyscraper and to see that all the designs and colors are mosaic-styles done by hand is very impressive. ElHassan was great travel partner because he spent half his childhood in Casa and he knew plenty about the city. Before we left we went by ElHassan's cousin's house and were able meet his family as they pleaded with us to stay for the night furthering my experience of extremely friendly Moroccans. I definitely enjoyed Casablanca but I think the more urban style of the city makes it less appealing then my experiences in Marrakech and other cities. I am going to try and upload some photos of the trip and since ElHassan was once a photography student he felt the need to turn the trip into the Aaron Price Photoshoot and everywhere we went he wanted me to strike different poses and then show me his expertise. Haha So there are plenty of photos of me along with the sights in Casa.
On a side note this is the end of my fifth week in Morocco and all is still running smoothly. English classes are going great still and the new volunteers who came in last week seem to be great folks. Some will be here even after I leave so it is nice to know there will be some consistency in the house from here on.
I miss you all.



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