Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Moroccan Birthday and Chellah Tour

Hello To All.

This Tuesday was my birthday, which was an interesting feeling to spend my first birthday away from family and friends but not at all in a bad way. I had a great time and even though I tried to not spread the word about remembering my day of birth, all seemed to know. In fact the ladies who cook for us made me a cake which had my name in Arabic script on it since they do not speak much English. I felt very loved and appreciated here by all the volunteers and staff but also those who wrote to me on facebook, etc. Even a few of my students gave me things, including a necklace and scarf. I thank you all for making February 1st a special day no matter where I may be.

Yesterday we got to check out the Chellah Ruins, which is basically an old fort/settlement inhabited by many over centuries beginning with the Carthaginians then the Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims, etc. Now it seems to be ruled by storks because they were literally on any high surface throughout the area. I hope to post some pictures of them as soon as possible but the internet connection here at the house has proved to be difficult to work with.
All is well with the English classes and I am picking up some more Moroccan Arabic, even if it is little by little.
I am headed to Marrakech this weekend with some other volunteers which should be a fantastic time. I hope to post more soon.
I hope everyone is keeping watch on Egypt as well as the other Arab countries and keeping those who are fighting for their freedom in your thoughts.



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