Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Have Arrived

I am currently in Rabat sitting in Cross Cultural Solutions home base. So far everything has been great, including my fellow volunteers and those Moroccans working with us. The food especially has been fantastic. Tomorrow we will have our orientation where I will be told more about my placement and what exactly I will be doing. From what I have heard from a fellow volunteer at La Fondation Occident (East-West Foundation), it may be sort of chaotic. When she leaves in a few days I imagine I will take her place in helping teach a class of Moroccans and even some refugees from other African countries how to master their English skills. From her perspective it sounds a good bit like the classes I was able to assist in Haiti, many students some days (up to 66) and only a handful of people other times. And all with different skill levels.

The house we are staying in was the house of a former Spanish diplomat, able to accomodate up to 25 volunteers although right now it holds maybe 15-16.
I hope to take some pictures soon of the house and put them up here but I want to wait until we have some sunlight and I get some shut-eye.

I am very appreciative of all the love and attention that has been sent my way the past few days.
I hope to speak to plenty of you soon.


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  1. First Moroccan comment. Holla! I hope everything is going extremely well for you man. I want to know what that giant orange building/pillar is that you have a bunch of pictures of.

    I am sitting in the tutoring lab...really bored. Go Morocco!